Sunday, March 11, 2007

Last night

Well, good news and bad news. I was up almost all night again last night. The good news was it wasn't Samara keeping me up. I was sick, I had a very upset stomach. It was annoying to be up when Samara was sleeping, I was so thankful to have Rod there to help me.

Samara was so overdone last night. She couldn't figure out how to get to sleep. I knew I couldn't let her cry and decided to see if I could help her get to sleep another way. I made sure she was fed, changed, and ready for sleep. I wrapped her up, cuddled her for a few minutes and put her in her bed. Every few minutes she would complain, I would go immediately to her pick her up, comfort her until she stopped complaining(usually a minute or less), offer her the soother, re-wrap her if she needed and put her back in her bed. And surprise surprise, it only took about 30-40min and she went to sleep. It was fun when Payton woke up and I was going back and forth between the bedrooms. I can't imagine having multiples! After she went to sleep she woke about every 3 hours to eat and immediately went back to sleep, I re-wrapped her and put her in her bassinet. I actually thinks she sleeps better in it! One time when she needed changing she just kinda dozed through it and was fine when we put her back to bed. I was amazed. Today for her nap I followed the same procedure and it was a pleasant experience. I know it won't always go smoothly but at least I have a game plan now!

Of course it wasn't long after going to bed that I woke in pain but you can't win them all! At least I seem to be over whatever it was now. Here's to hoping for good sleep tonight!