Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh crap

Samara is sleeping.

I just put Payton down for her nap.

Was going to clean, need to clean, want to clean.

Vision is going, a migraine is coming....AGAIN. Second time this week. First one took 3 days to be gone completely. This morning was the first time this week I though to myself I feel good.(Then my kid was a stinker all morning but that's another story)

Off to find the T3's and hope my girls sleep for a bit.



Fruitloopgirl said...

dang the migraines!!!!

don't worry about keepin up a neat house right now. Just concentrate on taking care of your girls and you. Things will fall into routine before you know it.

Terry and Susan said...

i sympathize with you michelle. i used to get horrific migraines - frequently - when my girls were babies and toddlers. they are nasty at the best of times, but when you have little ones to care for its even worse. have you asked the doctor about them? i eventually did and he was able to give me something that worked fairly well.
and i did 'grow' out of them....eventually, when the kids were grown!

Summer said...

I hope you get over the migraine. I agree with the fruitloopgirl. Don't worry about the house. Relaxed and take care of yourself. Don't wear yourself out. Remember to take a minute or two for yourself.

P.S. I made it on TopMomma. and click on my picture. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Migraines can be so distracting. You just want to sleep through them but sleep is a foreign word to a mom of a new born

Kaylyn said...

Hope you feel better soon. Can not wait to see you Saturday!

Nicole said...

I notice you tend to say migraines and cleaning in the same sentence -maybe there is a connection...
subtract the cleaning and see if teh migraine goes away too ^^