Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Still around!

We've been doing pretty well. Trying to adjust and figure out how everything is going to work. Had a migraine yesterday, a really intense one. I still have a headache left from it today. Payton has been really whiny and pushing her boundaries, and has started this fake crying thing which drives me bananas. I'm trying really hard to be patient but at the same time not let her get away with anything. It's really difficult.

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to keep this place neat for the next little while. I find I don't have much childless time and the few minutes I steal just don't stretch far enough. When Samara is sleeping I try to get some stuff accomplished but Payton needs some Mommy time as well. If Samara will sit in the swing for 10min it is usually used for dressing/cleaning Payton, or feeding her or myself. Naps very rarely overlap. Which at the moment they are both sleeping, I will very quickly be getting off here and trying to find my floors.

I haven't been on the computer much and when I have been there hasn't been time to leave comments but I have still been reading. Actually I tried leaving a couple comments over the last couple of days but the visual verification on those particular blogs hasn't been letting me(it won't display the letters). So I gave up since I don't have time to fiddle with it and figure out why.

K gotta run before my girls wake up, maybe I'll have more time tonight for more specific updates. But no promises!


Summer Engh said...

Hi Michelle. It is supposed to be a baby blanket but I made it to small for my niece. Do you want it for your little one?

Terry and Susan said...

glad to hear how you are doing.....
enjoy your girls..

Rosa said...

I think we'll have good days and not so good days. You know, days when we feel like we got most of our work accomplished with time to blog and days where the kids just overwhelm us with that neediness thing they do. I'm in the same boat as you so post when you can because it is comforting knowing someone else who is having similar experiences!