Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catch up

Wanted to do a brief Samara update. I tend to look back on my blog for milestone updates so I better update! She's getting huge! She had her 4 month shots last week and weighed 15lbs 10 ounces measuring 24.25 inches. She is so aware of her surroundings and loves being a part of everything. Overall she's a very content baby, pretty laid back. She's insistent when she wants something but also likes playing on her play mat. I love watching her, she's actually playing already! She rolls side to side but hasn't gone all the way over yet, I think she could from watching as she gets so far and decides to roll back. She hates being on her stomach so I don't think she has the motivation to go right over. She can pull herself to sitting if you give her your fingers and has just started pushing with her legs to stand as well. She thinks it's pretty funny. She puts everything, absolutely everything she gets a hold of in her mouth. I don't remember Payton being quite so chewy. Everyone asks me if she's teething because she's constantly chewing on something, fingers are favorites cause they are always there! She's all about mom right now, I get the best smiles! She likes daddy too but nothing compares to mommy! I quite enjoy it. Of course she's also started playing shy with others. She's completely fascinated with her sister and will watch her closely. Payton thinks it's great and will chat with her. I can't wait until they can play together, mind you at that point they could start fighting too! Anyways I better stop as I'm actually supposed to be getting ready to go camping!!

Taken today

Cute outfit courtesy of Auntie Sue.

Remember that nice weather we had(it was SO long ago). We tested out Sue's new pool. It was Samara's first time swimming. Very fun!

Fun in the Pool.

There was a small chunk of time on Father's Day that it wasn't raining. We took the opportunity to go for a walk. Samara tested out the backpack and it's been approved. Payton brought along a "map" for us to follow. It was fun!


Miss-buggy said...

she really is getting so big. What a precious smile. Camping should be fun!

Summer said...

She is such a cutie!! She is getting to big such a big girl.