Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Payton is fabulous. That said, she's also (almost)three. Today we had a complete meltdown when Oma was here......Sweet.

Yesterday, I hand her clothes and ask her to go get dressed. In a few minutes I went to check on her progress and find her with the tub of zinc ointment, which she has generously applied up and down her legs......who left it low enough she could reach it anyways? Anyone who has any experience with this stuff knows it's sticky, good for making it stay where you put it not so good for getting it off where your child has put it. Yeah....that was fun.....

Later that day, armed with a red felt marker(washable thank goodness) she draws people all over the landlords front doors. They were very cute people(I took pictures) but still the term graffiti artist comes to mind. It took some trial and error but I did eventually get it all off. The term washable is loose at best.


Nicole said...

why how fun ^^

Miss-buggy said...

oh dear!!
I have four words for you:
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!!
Works wonders!

Annette said...

When Matthew was 4 or 5 he drew fleur de lis and curios on the inside of his bedroom door and under his window. They were very beautiful. I hope the landlord appreciated her art, with the safe assurance that it was temporary!