Monday, July 23, 2007

A New View

Payton got the Fisher Price Digital Camera for her Birthday. I don't know who was more excited us or her! It's pretty low res but can take a beating from a three year old which is a must! I can't wait to see the world from her perspective. Here's a few shots from today. She wasted no time in filling up her internal memory.So much fun. I think I'm going to start a photo blog for her. Just for fun!

This was me teaching her the fine art of self portraits!


Michelle said...

Wow! How cool! I had no idea that a camera for kids existed - must. get. one. :) Those are some pretty kewl photos, too. What an amazing photographer you are Payton! I def think you should start a photo blog for her - she will love it and cherish having it when she grows up. :)

How have you been feeling lately? It is great to see you posting so much! :)

Miss-buggy said...

that is SO FUN!! LOL!! Now you gotta teach her how to get the faces in there. She is gonna have so much fun with it! Can you add more memory? She is gonna be a pro!
and I agree with michelle, great to see you posting!

Kaylyn said...

I love this!! Oh my'll need a 3 rd computer...just to hold all the extra memory!!lol

Give her a big hug from Auntie!!

Sue said... sorry for the terrible html link but it's about a contest for Little photographers. Thought you might be interested.