Monday, August 13, 2007


I haven't been much of a blogger lately. I've said that I have nothing to say really, which is not completely true. There has been a lot going on both around me and internally. I've been using the external busyness to distract me from myself. Which has been easy because it really has been crazy busy around here for a long time. It should be a little quieter now that we are back from vacation which hopefully will give me time to unwind and and unpack.

We had a wonderful vacation. It was great to see and visit with my family. I really miss them. I wish we weren't so far from them. I get so emotional every time we leave, like I'm leaving part of me behind. I guess I am really, my family means so much to me. Love you guys! I am though glad to be home and sleeping in my own bed! It will take awhile to get the girls back on schedule but we'll get there. The girls were great on the trip, adapted very well to the changing locations and meeting new people. I'm so proud of my girls.

I have been on Facebook, and I really enjoy it. But I find it's easier for me to hide there than here though. I'm not as open, as vulnerable. I'm not really writing(like here) just conversing. I've gotten in contact with some old friends and have been able to build more of a relationship with Rod's family which I'm excited about. But it's not like blogging. I don't think blogging will die out because it's just not the same.

Since I've been home I feel like hiding. I always do when something big is over though. It's like I lose all my umph. Emotionally I'm done and need a recharge. I'm sure once I get this place a little more straighted out and catch up on my sleep(yeah right) I'll be ready to go again.

That's all I have for now.


Miss-buggy said...

that is why I am not too fond of facebook. I miss all the blog entries and people who used to read. Now part of me doesn't even want to bother. I totally get what you mean about hiding and I find with Blogging that it isn't as easy.
here for you.
Glad you are back and you had a good time. HUGS