Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Samara went for her 6 month shots today. She now weighs 19 lbs 9 ounces, and is 25.25(as well as I could measure!) inches long. I can't believe she is so big already! She has also started on solid food now! Growing so fast! She sits pretty good as well but we are still working on the balance! I'm not sure if I mentioned her rolling but she rolls both ways. She started rolling from back to front about 2 months ago, then she would SCREAM. She hates being on her tummy. She started rolling from front to back about a month ago but it doesn't happen very often as she doesn't like it on her front. She will usually roll so she can see the floor, check it out, and roll back onto her back to avoid her front, it's pretty funny!

She's become super chatty, and she's LOUD! I know she seems so quiet and serious sometimes but usually it's pretty loud around here between the 2 girls. Sam squeals, shouts, babbles(mamama, babababa mostly), she scrunches up her nose and huffs, she fake coughs now as well and thinks it's great when you do it back!, there are also many many indescribable noises that I have to turn and see who it was! So fun! She was talking away one evening when I was on the phone with my Mom and she asked if that was just Sam because it sounded like we had a houseful of babies here LOL! I need to get it on video and post it because it really is too cute!


Miss-buggy said...

she really does talk up a storm. It is SO cute!! Getting so big too fast!