Thursday, September 06, 2007

1st day of school!

Payton had her first day of Pre-School today. I was nervous, way more than she was! I was expecting her to stick by me a little more than she did. Pretty much as soon as we were in the classroom she was off exploring. Miss Sam said she did great. She thinks it's so funny her teachers name is Miss Sam! Anyways I'm tired and should really be making dinner so here's a few pics for you enjoy!

All ready to go!

Come on Mom!

Just one more! Smile!

Are you coming yet Mom?

Really mom, that's enough pics!

Payton and Ethan out front of the school.

This was what they did when asked to smile! LOL!!

Waiting outside their classroom.

Heading inside, notice they are holding hands!

Straight to the toys. Notice the boy in the window with his finger where???

Payton working on her place mat.


Miss-buggy said...

that is so cute! You can totally tell she is like OK mom, let's go. Enough with the camera already

Susan Kirchmayer said...

what a special day!

Sue said...

aww, she's wearing her birthday gift from Auntie Sue :)