Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I read Sue's blog today it was very touching and as I sat and listened it got me thinking about how I also have special songs that remind me of those I've lost.

I love music, most of us do, not always the same types of music but music none-the-less. Some music marks me, it leaves an imprint on me, on my life. Sometimes it is an era, a phase of my life, sometimes it is an event, sometimes sad, sometimes happy. Certain songs will always conger up images and feelings, they will take me back, entice me to dance, or make me cry. Shari did a post like this awhile ago that I enjoyed so I thought I would do one to share with you.

My first specific musical memories take place in my mom's old Caprice classic. I remember we always had music on and both liked to sing along, and not always all that well! The Poppy family, Anne Murray, Connie Kaldor, Toto, Bonnie Tyler, Juice Newton, Chris De Burgh, and Raffi, to name a few, all bring me back to riding with my Mom when I was young. Good Times.

Wow, I'm having fun with this! Rod is rolling his eyes at me hehe! And it's taking a long time cause I'm listening to everything as I go along! So I think I'll do one more "era" tonight then it will be to be continued....

Next thing that comes to mind is listening to music with my friends in early, well I guess it would be middle elementary. When I was still in Alberta so grade 3 or 4. You know when we thought we were cool to have a pink hand held cassette recorder and sing along at the top of your lungs! Ok, I admit it, some of these where only on vinyl..... I remember listening to Tiffany, Billy Joel, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Culture Club, Wham, and The Shangri-Las. Picture fake microphones, exaggerated movements and lots of giggling. LOVE IT!! With Thriller though we would play the beginning and pretend someone was coming to get us, scream and run and hide!! Oh the fun!! hahahaha

To be continued...next up the embarrassing years.....


Miss-buggy said...

you are too funny. I have songs like that too. Like I said on Sue's blog. Some songs make me turn off the radio or the song cause I don't want to remember. Other ones just make me want to laugh.
"Jump, Jump...."