Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Payton and I made cupcakes today. Chocolate ones, from SCRATCH! I'm very impressed with us. I haven't made cupcakes from scratch ever in my adult life(Sad I know). I did with my mom when I was younger. And they are so much better! Did I mention I was impressed with us? And in actual practice, it wasn't that much more work and the difference in taste is worth it! Yum! We are working on some Halloween creations to take to her Preschool Halloween party on Thurs. There are some Vanilla cupcakes and frosting making on the agenda for tomorrow!


Kaylyn said...

I have missed reading your blig. Happy to see you are back to bloggin'.

Looks like you were havin' a blast making those cupcakes. Yummo

Miss-buggy said...

what a fun mommy you are! LOVE IT!