Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Chai Latte Incident

I decided after I dropped Payton off at school that today felt like a Chai Latte day(really what day doesn't?). So I stopped and treated myself. Back at the van Samara in one hand Chai in the other, I placed my drink on top of the van and put Sam into the car seat. I go to pick up the Chai and somehow catch the bottom of the cup on the roof rack and loose my grip. So now my drink is not only falling to the ground but spiraling down spewing chai in a circular pattern everywhere. Picture me watching, horrified, screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOO in slow motion. When it finally hits the ground much to my horror it rolls under the truck next to me. Thankfully the lid stayed on but I could no longer see my drink. Now, some of you might have walked away at this point admitting defeat. I was not so inclined as this was a treat and those darn things aren't cheap. So after doing a quick scan to see if anyone is watching I get down on hands and knees to peer under the truck. I see my drink and it seems to be within grasp, but not an easy grasp of course. At this point I don't care if anyone is watching I maneuver so that I can stretch far under the truck and manage to just get enough finger hold to move it towards me. SUCCESS! I get back in the van and go about accessing the damage. After wiping the cup down I am thankful to see that I am only missing about the top inch of my drink, YAY!!. I do however have a nice spray of coffee on my shirt and who knows what on my knees. It was worth it though, they are just SO yummy.

There has got to be a way to make something comparable at home. I think I'm going to have to experiment a little with that!

On another topic, I am a little annoyed with Payton's Preschool. She loves it, and over all I'm really happy with it. We both like her teacher, and the program. So where is the annoyance you ask? Well her Teacher is leaving, she is going to be managing the Musikids Day Care as of Nov 1st. She was already gone once for a couple weeks because she got married(which is understandable) but it took Pay awhile to get used to her replacement, then of course her teacher was back and she had to re-adjust again. Now She's going to have to re-adjust again. Sigh. I hope her new teacher is good and this will be it for the changes, all this inconsistency isn't good for the kids. There is also going to be 3 more kids in her class starting Thurs, as in the M-W-F Preschool class there is only 3 kids so they are changing to T-W-T and joining Payton's for T-T. Which is good because that brings Payton's class from 9 kids to 12 which means her teacher will get a helper. So the student teacher ratio is going to be better. But Waaaaaah......I really like Miss Sam. :(


Susan Kirchmayer said...

glad you saved the chai latte!

Little Bitsys said...

Your latte story is TOO funny! I'm sure it wasn't at the time though. I would do something like that for a latte though.

I have an espresso machine at home now. It saves me a ton of money because I am not allowed to buy the $4.00 lattes anymore, except around the holidays when I treat myself to Eggnog Lattes, YUM.

Anyway, you CAN make a chai latte at home! You just need a way to steam the milk. You can buy the chai mix at Starbucks and other places, you just mix it with steamed milk, put it in a cup and roll it under a truck! (sorry couldn't resist)

Mary :)