Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The final product

What a very busy day we had. And it's late, and I'm tired, so tired I'm not even going to photo shop any of the pictures before I share them! The cupcakes are ready to go to Payton's Halloween party tomorrow. I'm very excited to dress her up and see all the other costumes. Very fun! Before I forget I got the idea's for the cupcakes here. I found this blog recently and quite enjoy it.

Baking today started with the cupcakes, Vanilla this time.

Ready to decorate.

Isn't her apron sweet?

When all was said and done.

And the rest.

Close ups of some favorites.

This one makes me giggle every time I see it.


Summer said...

WOW!!! THose look yummy!!!! The kids will probably be excited to eat those!!!

Wendy said...

Nicely done. Thanks so much for the link to my page!

Miss-buggy said...

WOW!! AMAZING! You are so gonna have to teach me.

Michelle said...

woah. too cool. i bet they were a hit. :)

Miss-buggy said...

so did they go over well?

Siri said...

Dear Michelle, the cupcakes look so cute and yummy. First time here and I must say, pretty neat and creative blog. Can I add ur post on Halloween to my "Lets Celebrate Halloween Together" event. that wud be fun...:)

Michelle said...


Thanks for stopping by! I took a quick look at your site and it would be absolutely fine for you to add my post. It looks like a great idea, I will be back to take a better look as time allows!