Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boring post about being tired. I know, the title could use some work.....

Well, one thing I've discovered is this self-discovery thing is hard when your tired. And I'm tired. I have realized some things about myself, important things that I hope will help me along the way. But my emotions and thoughts are so fleeting and scattered when I'm tired, I'm so useless. I'm rather surprised that I've functioned as well as I have, but really I have no choice. You do what you have to do as parents.

Is it wrong that this morning I had a fleeting wish not to be a parent? Just long enough to get a couple hours more sleep? I have got to figure out how to help Sam sleep better, for my sanity. We will all be better off with a well rested mama.

And I think the girls have the start of another cold. Sigh.

Oh well, no worries, the world will seem brighter after a cup of coffee and a shower. It always does.


Michelle said...

I often daydream about not being a mother, just long enough to feel independent again, to feel carefree, and yes, to sleep long uninterrupted hours. Our day will come, mama, we just gots ta hang in there.

sleep deprivation is like torture and makes it impossible to just enjoy just being.