Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My helper

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how Payton likes to wash the floor, which reminded me I had taken pictures of the last time and thought I would share.

My Payton likes to help. And anyone with a 4 year old knows how much "help" they can be! But I really want to encourage helping and make her feel like she's making a contribution not that I'm going to re-do it after she's done. So when she wanted to help me wash the floor(one of her favorite things to help with, I think it's all about the bubbles) I help her get started, remind her that the carpet is not to get wet, and that the floor needs to be dry when done(she creates a bit of a flood), and let her go at it.

She and the floor get oh so wet(biting tongue).

But things do get washed.

Including toes.


Susan Kirchmayer said...

ahh yes. i remember it well.

wilsonian said...

My floors could soooooo use your 4 year old!!!

Kaylyn said...

That is very helpful. Great pictures :)

Anonymous said...

its wonderful to encourage them, but give her better tools. Maybe a cloth would be better. Less water and bubbles all over. Teach her to wring it out and maybe a dry cloth after to dry it(shine it) up! It'll keep her busy while you get other things done.