Friday, September 26, 2008


I've been having trouble finding balance lately. It's not a new thing for me, I think it has something to do with not being very organized. I have days when I get tons done at home but feel I didn't spend enough quality time with the girls. And days when I spend tons of quality time with the girls and make sure we get outside time, and we all get enough creative time(which is as important for me as it is for them), but then my household duties get neglected and I get frustrated with myself. I'm sure there is a happy medium that will work for us I just can't seem to find it.
I know I am a person who thrives on routine, yet I rebel against structure. Or at least the idea of structured routine. I want my days to be fluid, to be able to embrace a sudden change of plan. But I know I need more routine than I have, and I really know that Payton does. She is a go go go-er, whose first question in the morning is "So what are we doing today?" And if I know, I answer and she'll respond with "how about after that?" or "what are we eating?". She really is a kid who thrives on routine.

I have been researching online what works for other families and trying to decide what I want to try with ours. I need some sort of menu plan, I'm always frustrated when it comes to deciding what to eat because I've waited until it's time to start to decide what to have. I'm also horribly bored with what we've been eating, which leaves me uninspired when it comes to cooking. So a menu plan, and shopping list is on the list.

Also I need a plan of attack when it comes to housework. Something easy to maintain. It's not important to me to have a spotless house all the time. I mean lets be realistic, I have 2 small children. If spotless was a priority then something else(like playing with my kids) would have to suffer. But I do like things neat with things in their "homes" when not in use. I've done a lot of decluttering and that has certainly helped. And I don't want to spend hours upon hours everyday on housework either. I've been trying to decide what would work as far as a basic housework schedule goes. Certain things on certain days? A general list with so many things to be done each day and I pick according to what I feel like doing? Setting aside a specific hour each day instead of just doing things when I decide to? Don't know, but there has to be something that is easy to maintain.

I need to work in time spent outdoors everyday, I've been feeling a little low the last few days and I really believe it's due to the grey rainy weather that we've been having. So I really need to grab some sunshine when I can, and if it's not sunny some fresh air at least. I always feel uplifted after soaking in some of God's great outdoors.

Other things that I know will make me feel more balance(whether I am or aren't lol) are getting enough rest and exercising. I've turned into a horrible night owl and need to concentrate on getting to bed before midnight on a regular basis. Early I don't think is realistic for me but I think in bed by 11 is reasonable.

Simple Mom has been very helpful for me, if you haven't checked out her site you should. She had a great series lately entitled How to be disorganized and unproductive at home, which I will be re-reading. I also downloaded her ebook, Spring Cleaning for normal people. Which looks great, I've printed it out and am going to give it a good read. I'm hoping to find some solid inspiration there.

So what works for everyone out there? What helps you keep balance in your lives? Cleaning schedules? Meal plans? Share any words of wisdom you have for me, as well as any websites/links you've found helpful. I think this will be a continuing topic for me until I get this figured out!


Nicole said...

I know a lot of people plan out meals from week to week, and that way they know exactly what to buy grocery shopping and when Payton asks you what you are having to eat that day, you can look at the fridge and tell her the whole day.
But I'm not good at keeping a house cleaning schedule, so I'm not too much help.

Lana said...

I found this site a few months ago, and added it too my favourites, but forgot about. My sis, who is mother to 7 kids, has always been very organzied with almost everything. She reminded me about this site and she swears by it. It covers almost everything. I am going to settle in one night and actually check it out in depth, and see if I can apply some "fly lady" advice for myself! here's the link:

She's also using THIS site to motivate her kids... and it's working. (which is amazing!!)

Hope this helps!!

Lori said...

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