Friday, October 10, 2008

So this blanket should have been received by it's recipient by now so I'm going to share it with you. I really love this fabric, when I bought it I had no idea what I was going to use it for(I also bought some cowgirls in flannel for the girls, maybe jammies?). But when a friend of mine moved to Alberta, I teased her about becoming a cowgirl. Then when she had a baby boy I knew where this fabric was headed!
Because there is so much going on in the fabric and just love it the way it is I decided to keep it really simple. Added really soft dotted minky to the back and top stitched in red to finish and ta-da! A cute little cowpoke blankie for a very cute little man!

Is everyone enjoying fall? It's by far my favorite time of year. From Oct through Dec. The gorgeous chill in the air, the tree's putting on their party clothes, being able to wear sweaters(I love sweaters), fuzzy socks, pumpkin patch visits, and so much more. I'm feeling an urge to knit this fall which is really strange since I don't knit, or crochet. It's on my want to learn list but I have so much else to do for now that it will have to wait. I'm thinking after Christmas I'll give it a go. I'll probably be posting for help with that! I guess in the meantime I'll have to settle for some fall/Christmas sewing, of which I have a lot! Oh, I guess I should think about Halloween costumes first!

Is't this little guy with the lasso cute? I think he's my favorite!


Susan Kirchmayer said...

its beautiful....