Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The results

Now that I have finally given the blanket to it's recipient I can share it with you(I have another one to share but can't put it up yet.) I absolutly loved working on this blanket and was happy with how it turned out. I didn't want to give it away! This blanket it made from wool sweaters that have be felted(or fulled) in the wash. This binds up the wool and makes it thick, dense, and strong, but leaves the wool a nice texture. I used this book as a guide, Warm Fuzzies 30 Sweet Felted Projects
It was made from 4 sweaters, and I still have some pieces left for other projects. I just noticed that the green sweater pieces look brown here. They are actually a moss green.

Here is the full thing laid out. I didn't think to measure it, but it's bigger than a baby blanket but smaller than crib size I think. I made it longer than the book suggested. It will be able to be used for quite awhile.

I added a B to the pocket, that was the babies first initial, but I guess it could also stand for Baby. It's far from centered, I think next time I'll sketch the design that I want on first then felt on top of that instead of free handing.

I dry felted the B directly onto the wool using wool roving(carded but unspun wool). You use a special needle to poke at it until it blends with the wool backing and becomes firm. It was great fun, I see more dry felting in my future!

Close up of the leaf and little x embellishment I put on. I just sewed a simple x with embroidery thread. The backing is flannel which I found in my stash. I totally lucked out with that because I was so excited to get going all of a sudden I realized I didn't know what I was putting on the back and it was the night before the shower! I don't have much for flannel, or boy suitable fabric in general. I do think the pattern of the flannel works with this blanket though because it's all wintery, I think that suites a wool blanket perfectly!

On the weekend is my Niece's 1st birthday party, so today I am busy scheming up something I can make for her! And I am also starting on the girls Halloween costumes, an advent calendar, and various Christmas gifts! It's going to be a busy 3 months! OIY! ONLY 3 MONTHS! Smile! I love it!


Susan Kirchmayer said...

Its beautiful. you are so creative!

Sue said...

It's wonderful. I love the whole 'felting' idea, and have wanted to try it for years.

Miss-buggy said...

looks great Chel!

I wish I had your ambition and drive. LOL.

Cooper still LOVES his blanket. In fact I had to HIDE it during the summer. Guess I can bring it back out.

Jessica said...

I must go out and find some of those sweaters and make a blanket like this! I can imagine a cold, snowy day (sorry!) all curled up under one with a nice warm cup of tea and a good book!

Michelle said...

Susan, Thanks!

Sue, you should try it, there is something so satisfying about turning something into something else. It really wasn't hard!

Miss, so glad Cooper likes his so! Maybe he needs a lighter one, hmmmm.....

Jessica, yes! Try it! I already said to my husband I want a me sized one. I never seem to make things for myself though.

Bridget said...

Wow! That looks great, I love the random x's. I'll have to look for that book now.