Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I've got a baby who won't sleep blues

Head aches
Brain fuzzy
Eyes droopy
Body heavy

So tired


Lori said...

Michelle, I'm living the 'adventures of an old mom'...same thing, head aches. brain fuzzy, eyes droopy, body heavy, so tired...and all mine sleep through the night now...Get yourself a good sleeping pill and zone out...sounds like you need a break!

Anonymous said...

Lori is crazy. Forget the sleeping pills. That's like leaving your baby alone to fend for herself. If your husband is anything like mine, he could sleep through dynamite going off. My sister's husband helped her so much. He let her sleep and got up with the baby when it was his turn. Mine slept, and I resented it. Still do.

Scott said...

maybe we should put a tune to it and you can sing it in church!

"i've got those steadily depressing, low down mind messin', living with a baby blues."