Saturday, October 16, 2004

Jekyll and Hyde

A couple weeks ago I gathered up my courage and took my beautiful jekyll and hyde baby to get pictures taken. The first attempt did not fly. Looking back it was doomed from the beginning. Our appointment was in the evening, I should have known better. Evening is when Mr. Hyde is most likely to make an appearance.

Payton is under the impression that if she sleeps she will miss something, especially in the evening when Daddy is home. So we get tired and cranky and miserable and really mad if she figures we are trying to put her to sleep, which we usually are. As far as babies go, she doesn't sleep that much. We were told numerous times how much newborns sleep, that my friends is a lie, at least in our experience it is. Her naps have always been short and infrequent, and nighttime sleep not usually being much better. Slowly o so slowly our sleep stretches at night have been lengthening(I usually will get one 4 hour stretch now, after that your guess is as good as mine to what will happen) .

Anyways back to my story. Round One: We got one picture in before she realized what was going on and wanted no part of it. We were too busy trying to get her not to cry, to even think about trying to coax forward any smiles. We very shortly admitted defeat, ordered a few of the one we did get(which was cute) and took Mr. Hyde home.

I decided not to give up, I wanted smiles, if once you fail try try again. I was smarter this time and scheduled a mid day appointment, when it is most likely that Dr. Jekyll is to be in appearance. So off we went, I was sure we were doomed again as she was most unpleased to be in the carseat. By the time it was our turn we had had some time to be cuddled by Mom and were in a good mood. We actually found the whole procedure rather humorous for awhile. Hooray!!!! Round One : Payton, Round Two : Mom

We got some really cute pictures, which left Mom with the trying task of picking what to order. The moral of this story is don't give up and never never take Mr. Hyde to get pictures taken.


Scott said...

i can't believe you could say that! payton is perfect!!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to post anonymously, I've just not figured the whole blog thing out yet. Call me Cate. I know exactly what you are going through. I can only tell you, it seems to get easier after the first three months, then three years. There are times when you feel like you just can't make it through it, but time does pass. They do grow, and they begin talking and telling you what they think and then it's not so frustrating. Lack of sleep isn't good for you so sleep when she sleeps and don't feel guilty about it.