Sunday, October 17, 2004

Maybe I'm not insane after all

I met a woman this weekend who made me feel a whole lot sainer than I have for a long long time. She has a 2.5 yr old male version of Payton. She went through exactly the same I am now, the cranky moodiness, the lack of sleep, the baby that you cant put down and wouldn't go to sleep alone. All of it, only she ended up with post partem depression because no one told her that some babies are just like that, she thought she was doing something wrong.

And it gets better, it really does. Her son is still a handful, he doesn't stop he's into everything. But he's also very bright and wants to learn about anything and everything. Most of all, he's healthy and happy. That's all I ask, that's what I want.

I have some work ahead of me, I was told that if we don't start helping her to sleep on her own she won't for a long long time. She still has to lay down with him to get him to sleep, she is just starting to work on it and thinks it'll take a couple months of small steps to do it without tramitizing him. If we do it soon she is still young enough it shouldn't be so hard. First step, develope a routine including a bedtime and stick with it.

I'm really not looking forward to it. And am putting it off untill next weekend so Rod can be up with me witout worrying about work in the morning. It will be harder on me than her I think. I'm going to feel really mean, my poor baby crying, all because she wants her Mommy :( Thank goodness she won't remember when she's older!!!


Cate said...

I am so glad you met someone you could relate to. Like the mom you met, no one told me anything about babies, and I was so nervous and anxious. My son is thirty years old now, and runs his own business. He's bright, and loving and has his own family. His eldest child is a four year old daughter who was so much like him when she was a baby. Very demanding was one of the comments made about her. We had to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" just to get her to hold still to change her diaper. From her early photographs you'd never know how much she fussed. She's still sometimes thinks she's the "Queen of Everything" but also super-bright,socialble,loving, and caring. (Socialble doesn't look like it's spelled right to me, but I can't do a Spell Check on this thing.) Good luck on getting Peyton to sleep by herself. I couldn't do it with our son. The only way I got any sleep was when our son was in bed with us. But, my daughter-in-law was determined that our grandaughter was not going to do that so MOST of the time she is in her own bed. She does get up some mornings and get in bed with them, but they don't mind that. Some babies are just the way Peyton is. Our grandaughter just seemed mad at the world that she couldn't communicate, and started talking super-early, I think for that very purpose.

Maddy said...

This has nothing to do with your blog entry but I wanted to say that I total agree with you about the family thing and as I was looking at your profile my younger brother looked at your picture and said, "Hey thats the roots of empathy baby named Peyton."