Sunday, May 29, 2005


Well, looking over the finances has made me realize I need to start planning for the end of July when my maternity will be over. I do not want to go back to work, I feel my family right now is priority. That being said I have realized that I will need to be bringing in some income. What I would like to do is childcare, nothing big as I don't have the "official" training or certification. Just one or two kids(preferably full time, but really I could use anything), in my home. If anyone knows of anybody looking for childcare or hears of anyone, could you let them or me know please!! Thanks!!

Hmmm....I guess I could work evenings and weekends if I had to. I would still get all my time with Payton then, I just wouldn't seen Rod much but it wouldn't be forever.


Miss-buggy said...

you can watch up to two seperate families without having a liscence I believe. Like one family could be two siblings and the other could be as well. THen you would have four kids. Lots of kids, I know but it will bring in some money.
It will all work out. I worry a lot too but God will help. Reach.

linda said...

actually it's one family with as many kids as they have, or 2 separate kids from different families. In a licensed centre you're own kids count (but you don't get paid for them)..can't remember if they do in LNR or not. You may want to check with Laura Hope at community services. There are advantages to registering with them, and subsidy pays more for registered LNR, than not. They'll also find you clients.