Monday, May 30, 2005

Odds & ends

Decided to finish our taxes today, well sort off. 2003 taxes, we were pretty sure we would not owe and maybe even get something back. So I dug out all the pieces hoping for a refund to help us out in the finance department. Well when I finished I starred at the screen in disbelief, Rod owes....A lot. CRAP!! He was working 3 jobs in 2003, when you put them all together he wasn't paying enough taxes. CRAP. Have I said CRAP. I am so disheartened, seems like we will never get ahead. I know that I shouldn't worry because God will take care of us, it would just be nice to not owe anybody anything for a change.

Good news for all those out there that love slurpees but don't want to have all that sugar. 711 has a crystal light slurpee now, no sugar!! I had one tonight, it's pretty good!! I'm excited!!

Rod hurt his finger at work the other day and hasn't been able to wear his wedding ring. He is wearing it though, around his neck you ask? Yes, but no not around a chain, only my computer nerd husband would wear his ring around his jumpdrive(usb memory stick), yes folks, my husbands wedding ring is around computer stuff, AND he is wearing that computer stuff around his neck. I laughed so hard, when he asked me why I was laughing I looked lovingly in his eyes and said "have I told you lately....what a geek you are?" I fell in love with a computer geek, who would have thought?? LOL


Miss-buggy said...

yeah, that would be a Rod thing.
It would be nice to not owe anybody anything. I hope that one day that will happen. I guess in the mean time I need to learn not to stress out.
Hey - You think that maybe God gave you that laugh moment? That He was showing you the simple things that matter.

Shari said...

I've lived in the US for almost two years now and am still trying to pay off Canada Revenue. AARRGGGGGGGGG!!!
I am sooooooo very happy that once they are payed off I will never have to deal with them again.
Oh... and a few weeks before Darin and I got married, he received a letter from the IRS saying he owed $40,000, due to an error of his banks dealing in the sale of a house he used to own. It took almost a year to get that fixed, but OY VEY...