Sunday, May 29, 2005

Stupid A/C

So the Air conditioning on the van doesn't work. And I have come to realize that it's one of the expensive parts to fix. If it were just me I would probably complain a lot but suffer through summer without it, but Payton gets so hot and miserable. So I am debating, is it worth it? Right at this moment I'm indecisive, when it was 30deg+ out there was no hesitation. I hate decisions.

Oh, I forgot to mention the trip to Alberta we are leaving for next weekend, 12 hours one way.

Stupid A/C.

8:00: After careful examination of our finances we have decided there really is no choice to be
made. We just don't make the extra money.

Stupid money.


kaybrayshay said...

If I had to I would fix it. A little abe can not handle to heat. It may turn into a 24 hour drive there, if not fixed. Who knows? Do what feels best!!

Miss-buggy said...

windows down!! How about leaving Early morning?