Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Where did all my motivation go? Is it hiding? I don't know, all I know is I can't find it. I feel no motivation what-so-ever to do....anything really. I've got my list all made, things to do, but as I look around I just can't find the motivation to get started. Call me lazy if you want it just seems like I see ten things the need doing, I immediately get fustrated and overwhelmed then nothing gets done. Then once I start something, part way though I find something else that needs doing so I start that, then part way through that I find something else that needs doing and I start that ect ect ect. Then when I look around it looks like I've done nothing and get fustrated all over again...... I get so mad at myself. Why can't I just see what needs doing and do it?? There is four days till we head out and ten million things to do, you'd think that leaving for vacation would be motivation enough but apparently it isn't. ARGH!!

Maybe my problem is looking at everything, I'll just choose one thing at a time and finish it. My goal today is....EVERYTHING...AHHHHHHHHHH....


Sue said...

Every mom at home with a baby has this same problem at some time or another. Your job for today: enjoy your baby!

Stacey said...

I am right there with you...I am hoping today goes a bit better, with a bit more motivation...like getting out of my pj's by at least noon today!

Lori said...

oh michelle, i SO know what you're talking about. it's household overstimulation. a little stimulation is good, too much causes household ADD!

i trade back and forth with a friend when it happens. The jump start of having someone to work together and talk with always seems to get the battery going again.

Michelle said...

Household ADD!! HAHAHAHA!!!! That is SO the problem, love it!!

Shari said...

Throw away your list. Stupid lists!! hehe. Motivation is often a struggle for the mom at home with the baby. Keep it simple Michelle. It doesnt all have to be done at once. Besides, you are taking care of Payton and that is your #1 job. Enjoy that.

As for the actual task of the housework, I know I have said it before, but www.FlyLady.net. Her system takes the 'overwhelming' out of it all. I admit that I don't really follow her system to a T... but I used it to form my own. The best things I learned:
1. Morning routine - do it every morning, before everything else. mine is this simple: get up, shower, get dressed, start laundry, drink coffee =), feed cat, and water plants.
2. Evening routine - those few little things you do each night, that makes the next day so much easier, like... pick up the dirty laundry off the bedroom floor and put it in the hamper, throw towels in hamper and put out fresh ones, prepare coffee for morning, etc.
3. Zones - break the house into zones and work on them one at a time
4. Timer - a timer can be your friend. Before beginning, set it to a reasonable amount of time 15-20 mins and and focus on one job for that time. When timer goes off, move on to something else, or take a break before starting again.
5. YOU - always make time for something you enjoy. A little blog time, or reading or walking, or whatever... Just make sure you are looking after yourself too, cause its your work to be at home with Payton, and if you were in a workplace, you would have breaks, same at home.