Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Organization or should I say disorganization?

I'm not organized by nature, but I think I can learn. I think if I can get somewhat organized it may help me from going insane. Maybe not, but it's worth a try. So what I need is help, and although I'm sure there is many areas I could use advice in, let's stick to hints on making your life organized and keeping it that way. Any ideas?? What help makes your day run smoothly? How do you manage to fit everything into a day? How about organizing a small space? Or children's spaces(toys ect)? What has helped those other disorganized people out there?


kaybrayshay said...

what works best for me: going through Brayden's clothes as he out grew them. Mind you I did not do that until he was 12 months...lol...Shayne and I like to go through our things every 4-6 months, top to bottom. donate to the charities...I prefer to do a list of things during my days off : all laundry, huge household cleaning, and orginize one room top to bottom.....on a daily basis (time permitting) clean the kitchen as a cook, clean up brayden's toys before bedtime,....basically when i look at this list I am a bon iffied neat freak....YIKES

Sue said...

#1 organization tip = routine and consistency You would be surprised how freeing it is.

Shari said...

for the daily grind the best thing is to clean up as you go. pick up your clothes before you climb into bed and put them away. Pick up the toys in the living room before bed. clean up the kitchen as you are cooking. etc.

as for organization: lots of containers or baskets or such. sort toys into them by size and type. clothing too. take out what is not needed or used and get rid of it (donations etc.)

divide you house into zones and tackle one zone at a time

don't try to incorporate a zillion new routines all at once. one at a time
that is key! and keep a note book of what works for you and what doesnt.

spend 15 mins 2 times a day decluttering. set a timer and go. its amazing how much you can do in 15 mins.

oh ya... and lets do coffee. =)

Michelle said...

Thanks guys, I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually!! LOL!!

Shari: Coffee sounds great, we'll have to figure out what works best.