Monday, March 12, 2007


Another migraine this AM. It sucks. At least I caught it early when Samara woke to eat and was able to take drugs and go back to sleep. But still, it's crazy annoying.

Samara does WAY better sleeping in her bassinet, it blows me away. After Payton who thought you were killing her if you put her in the bassinet and probably only slept all of 10min in it at a time. Everyone has been a lot happier around here the last couple of nights now that we are figuring out what Samara wants and needs for her own specific personality. It re-enforces that everyone is born with such different personality. I remember thinking so many times when Payton was little that I was doing something wrong, that it was my fault she was fussy. It took a long time to believe I was doing a good job!

I started Payton in panties(AGAIN) this morning. She more than capable of peeing on the potty, she just hasn't wanted to. Now she has no choice! I bought chocolate eggs yesterday for a special incentive(the stickers just weren't doing it) and she's currently eating #3, and has tried more times than that. She really wants those eggs! I think she's going to be on a sugar high today.

I have more I want to write but the brightness of the monitor is hurting my head so it will have to wait.

Happy Monday everyone.


Summer said...

Hope you can get over your migraine soon. That is great that everyone is getting much better sleep.

bjk said...

I hope your day got better as it went on....fatigue goes so hand in hand with newborns....your girls are stunning....I will be back...

Fruitloopgirl said...

I know all about having a newborn and migraines. Whe lexi was born was when i first starting having migraines. josh was only 12 months then along comes lexi and oh look here is a little extra bundle of NOTjoy, in the form of migraines. not fun. I feel for you girl.

WTG on switching Payton over to big girl panties. YAY Payton!!!